NHS Charities

A recent and well-known fundraiser for NHS Charities is Captain Sir Thomas Moore, who in the run up to his 100th birthday, pledged to walk round his garden 100 times with a zimmer frame. He raised over £30million, far above his target of £500,000.

Skydiver for Animal Charities

In 2019 Sue Bannerman, a 70-year-old disabled badge holder did a skydive to raise funds for 3 of her favourite animal charities, Ferne Animal Sanctuary, the Donkey Sanctuary, and the Cats Protection Charity. Although she has had a hip replaced twice, she said that it would not deter her from doing it again.

92 Year Old Zip Wire Rider

William Green who was 92 in 2019, joined staff of Trelana Care Home, where he was a resident, on a 50m high zip wire to raise money for the home. He wanted to show that life does not end when you go into a care home. See article.

Skydiver Jenny

In 2019, 72 year old Jenny Farthing went on a Skydive with the Red Devils to raise money for Brain Tumour Research, because her husband of 50 years had died of brain cancer. She raised over £2000. 

Bungee Jumper

A new British record for a bungee jump into water was set by 73 year old Ray Woodcock in 2015. He achieved full body submersion from a height of 465ft. He was fund raising for the UK Bungee Club. Click here for more information.

At the Keyboard for 100 Days

Inspired by Captain Sir Thomas Moore, 98 year old Rebecca Parker, a Care Home resident, is aiming to play the piano for 100 days in a row to raise money for the Lanarkshire Health Board Endowment Fund. She normally plays from memory as she cannot lift her head to read the music due to arthritus. Click here for further information.


Pensioners appear to be good fundraisers, possibly because the public have a lot of sympathy for their achievements despite the frailty that comes with old age.