​Author to Tapestry

Scotland's longest historical tapestry was the brainchild of 71-year-old Alexander Mc Call Smith in conjunction with Alistair Moffat and Andrew Crummy. Already famous for his writing, the Great Tapestry of Scotland was a totally different venture for Alexander. It took 2 years to complete and will be open to the public in 2021.

​Life in Poetry

Sally May Harper had been writing poetry since university but only managed to publish her book in her 60's. Called "Life,...Just Life", and based on her reflections of inner thoughts and feelings at various stages in her life. All revenue from book sales is paid to "Help for Heroes".

​Finding Space in Society

The Space Between Black and White, is a memoir about mixed race identity and the isolation felt while trying to find space. Written by Esuantsiwa Jane Goldsmith who is in her 60's, the book can be purchased here


Known as Mr.Motivator, Derrick Evans originally became known as a fitness instructor in 1993 and appeared on the GMTV breakfat show. Now at 67 years of age he returned to the screens during lockdown. His book "Warm Up", the story behind his life was written after he reached the age of 60, you can buy it here.

Became a Celebrity at 89

Colin Thackery is a resident of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, and at 89 years of age he decided to enter the competition "Britain' Got Talent". He always sung for pleasure and it was a huge surprise when he became the oldest winner of the show.

A Good Story

In 2016 77-year-old Julie Kertesz created the first online Toastmasters Speciality Club, "Witty Storytellers Online". It is an ongoing personal storage telling lab. to improve story telling skills. Find out more from her blog

Life Becomes a Buzz

Following retirement in 2006, Howard Lonsdale Pool joined a beekeeping course run by BBKA when his grand daughter re-sparked an interest in bees, and he has kept his own bees since March 2014.He became a trustee of the BBKA in January 2015.


Culture is dedicated to the over 60's who have published their first book, provided entertainment or have been instrumental in a cultural event. Celebrity memoirs have not been included.